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2011 Porsche TURBO S

Vehicle Details and Features

Color: Meteor Gray/Black
Miles: 9K

19” Turbo 2 Wheels Color Keyed
12 Way Power Seats With Heat & Ventilation
Carbon Fiber Package -Shift & Brake
Fuel Cap Aluminum Look
Front Grill Aluminum Look
Porsche Mats
Turbo S was a $26,500 option.The regular Turbo has an astounding 500 HP,the S is up to 530HP.Torque is 516LB-Ft that comes in at a low 2100-4250 RPM.The S has a 10 second over boost that raises boost from 11.5 psi to 14.5 psi. 0-60 times are 3.1 & a top speed of 195.
The S has torque vectoring steering that eliminates any under steer. It also has a modified front geometry that gives it a mid-engined feel. Standard issue on the S is the “BIG YELLOW” carbon ceramic brakes,what goes fast should stop fast.
The Sport Chrono package manages to change the personality of the car at the press of a button. In sport mode, the chassis is stiffened by way of the active suspension, the PDK shifts later and more rapidly, and the stability-control system intervenes later. Throttle response is quickened, the engine computer switches to a hard rev limiter, and the traction-management system sends more power to the rear. Sport provides a noticeable difference from the standard program, which upshifts very early and generally does a great job camouflaging this car’s wickedly aggressive character.
But to unleash the Turbo S’s full potential, you need to hit the “sport plus” button. It’s the ultimate escalation. The PDK gives up trying to “learn” your driving style, instead shifting late and hard. Seventh gear, which exists solely for fuel economy, is abandoned entirely, and the engine is recalibrated with more aggressive response from the variable turbocharger’s dynamic blades. The ride stiffens considerably in sport plus mode, and you notice every bump, but the car feels positively glued to the asphalt. And it it is awesome.

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